Site cant be deployed. I believe netlify isnt accessing the right files please help

I need advice to debug deploy

Are you able to build successfully locally or are you getting the same errors there? If you’re getting the same errors locally, then this the issue is with your project structure and we won’t be able to offer much help. But if you’re building with no errors locally, then we look at what might be going wrong when you build on Netlify.

When i build locally, it doesn’t give me errors.
I only get the error when i try to deploy to netlify

Hi, @JOSEPHOMOTOSHO. This issue with this build:

For example, one of the errors is this:

12:23:51 PM: ERROR in ./app/assets/scripts/App.js
12:23:51 PM: Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './modules/MobileMenu.js' in '/opt/build/repo/app/assets/scripts'
 @ ./app/assets/scripts/App.js 3:0-49 9:4-14

The error is looking for the wrong filename:


If you look at the repo, the actual path is:


However, the site source contains this:

import MobileMenu from "./modules/MobileMenu.js"

The correct path is this:

import MobileMenu from "./Modules/MobileMenu.js"

You will need to correct the case for a instances of this error before your site will build successfully on a case-sensitive filesystem. If there are other questions, please let us know.