Site build cache is not saved

Hello, I notice our site always Failed to fetch cache, continuing with build even it succeeds and deploys.
Also every after build it says Failed to save cache, continuing with build. I’m not sure why this isn’t saving cache?

Please kindly check on this because our site kinda large having alot of images to resize from gatsby.

Site Id: 17fb4a37-66bd-4093-99ff-24ab8590c159

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Hi @rad182,

I checked your deploy logs and towards the end, I’m seeing this line:

Incorrect TOML configuration format: Key deploy-preview is already used as table key

Could you try fixing that to see if cache gets saved?

@hrishikesh, I did but still saving failed to save cache.

Ah, your site is quite large - over 15k files - so saving the cache will potentially take Some Time. I’ve greatly increased the relevant timeout for this site on our side; could you let me know if things work better in your next deploy?

@fool , I tried to rebuild my site but sill getting

10:18:27 AM: Failed to save cache, continuing with build
10:18:27 AM: Finished processing build request in 1h44m47.587547112s

Hey there, @rad182 :wave:

Thanks for sharing those details. We have an open issue to investigate this.

In the interim, have you tried upgrading plugins like the UI suggests? This feels like one additional step you could take while we continue to investigate.

@hillary , I removed that deprecated Gatsby cache and added the Essential Gatsby plugin but still same issue

11:00:33 AM: Failed to save cache, continuing with build
11:00:33 AM: Finished processing build request in 1h36m55.832992041s

Hey there, @rad182 :wave:

Thanks for confirming! We have an open issue for this with the relevant team at Netlify, and we will follow up on this thread when we have more information. In the interim, please let me know if anything changes!

Hello @hillary , any update on this?

hi there,

we have an open & active issue for this, and I hope we’ll see some improvement soon. we will keep you posted :pray:

Hello @perry

I am encountering same issue with long running Gatsby build.
Failed to save cache, continuing with build

It is a 5h build job, and cache update is critical for our usage.
I have tried to test some things - looks like when cache size is around 5Gb this error is present (with smaller size cache is updated properly). Maybe some size limitations or timeout?

Are there any news about fixes for this issue?

Important note: we are using Gatsby 3 and Essential Gatsby plugin v1.0.3
We cannot move to Gatsby 4 easily, so plugin update is not an option for us.

Site id: 292981fa-1607-49cf-afca-e7b560f48f92
deploy id (last url part): 6276639c1e9f20719a54c5dc

Thank you for reply!

Hey @Vitalii,

We’ve asked our engineers to take a look and we’d keep you posted.

Same issue here. I’m using Jekyll, but I do have the Gatsby cache plugin (I just changed my Jekyll cache folder to use the Gatsby plugin because the Jekyll specific cache plugin didn’t exist back then).

more than a month already still no fix :frowning:
we’re still enduring 1 hour ++ build time everytime we deploy

Hey there, folks. Thanks for following up here. The team has not forgotten about this! We will share further updates on this thread when we have them.

Hello everyone!

We’ve made some improvements on how cache is handled. You need to clear cache and re-deploy for the changes to be applied:

You should see some improvements on this particular stage of the build.

Let us know if this helps!

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I can confirm after rebuilding with clear cache fixed the issue. now succeeding builds have
“Found a Gatsby cache. We’re about to go FAST. :zap:

Thank you very much!

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That is so great! Thanks for coming back and letting us know. Happy building :rocket:

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Fixed for me as well! Thanks. This bug also had the side effect of getting me to rethink how to optimize my build because the uncached build speeds were quickly becoming unmanageable.

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