Site build cache is not saved on incremental builds

Hello, I notice our site always Failed to fetch cache, continuing with build even it succeeds and deploys.
Also every after build it says Failed to save cache, continuing with build. I’m not sure why this isn’t saving cache?

Please kindly check on this.

Site Id: f0301307-0ada-4f33-a17f-d392506bfd7f

Hi, @HussnainINS. Thanks for pointing this out as this is a bug and a very new one. (The underlying error was not previously occurring at all and now it occurs regularly.)

I’m getting an issue filed for this and we’ll follow-up here to confirm when this is fixed.

Hi, @luke . Yet this is extremely important for us to save cache. Can you give us a work around as long as the bug is being resolved?

Hi, @HussnainINS . This should be fixed. Could you please let us know if you’re still seeing issues with build cache?

Hi @audrey . Thank you so much. Now it’s working as expected.

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