Simple site - how to fill out build settings

Netlify site name: vermillion-kringle-f51ceb

This site has no package.json. It is just index.html, a script.js, and a index.css. I cannot figure out how to properly fill out the build settings for a successful deploy. (I have visited configurations sites, but they all deal with more complicated sites and frameworks and/or I cannot figure out how to do it, since I have no json file)

My base directory is /faq-accordian-card-main/index.html (although I’ve tried it without the index.html as well)
build command: left blank (but I also tried npm run build)
publish directory: same as base directory
builds: active

Hey @holly

In your example above, the base directory also includes a filename (the index.html) making it invalid. The build system would assume there is a directory called index.html inside faq-accordian-card-main.

An example:
Given a git repository called personal-website which does not use any framework and with all the files at the root of the repository (including an index.html) all the build settings would remain blank.

Another example
Given a git repository called business-website that contains two directories, backend, and frontend, where the former is deployed elsewhere and the latter to Netlify (and assuming not frameworks were used) the publish directory is the only build setting that requires setting with the value frontend.

Hope this helps.

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