Silex Builder & Netlify CMS


I am sorry if the question is stupid, but I am beginner (very beginner).

I am delighted with the Jamstack concept and the Netlify CMS project.
I am aware that he is CMS and therefore his possibilities as a builder are limited (please correct if I’m wrong).

Does anyone know and use Silex Builder (desktop and server version) to build pages, and then use Netlify CMS to manage it?
It seems to me that this is possible: Silex as a Jekyll layout editor · silexlabs/Silex Wiki · GitHub

Can you recommend a different easy solution WYSIWYG Drag & Drop, which is “GUI” for static generators (Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby, etc …)

Hey @Bergo,

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any GUI-based static site generators that can be used alongside the actual generators. We’ll leave the thread open for others to comment.