Sigup with GitHub failed


I tried to create an account on Netlify with our admin account (I’m the technical manager), our Github account is but the system flagged it automatically. I followed the process of ID you have with Stripe but didn’t worked. Is still saying we are blocked.

Could you please help me? We currently have a POC of one of our systems running over netlify and we wanted to officially release it but the POC is under an individual account and we want our system to be associated with our official admin account.

Really appreciate if you could help us, our plan is to eventually become your paid customers but we need a quick response otherwise unfortunately we will need to find a different provider.

Greivin Lopez.

Hi :wave:t6: welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with verifying your ID. Can you try again and make sure the documentation you used is accepted by stripe as outlined here?

Hi, thanks for your willing to help. I did write to support and they helped me. I needed to login with email-password and retry the linking with the Github account. It seems to be working now :slight_smile: . We are now in the paid tier as well, we hope to link our domain and from thereafter continue with Netlify as a provider for our web app.