Should I be moving theme folders?

This is my proud site:

Before I couldn’t get VictorHugo to work with a theme (Parsa)
This time I made a fresh start with ‘hugo’ as a build command.
So Victor should be gone.
I got the site to run locally (with the theme files in the ‘themes’ folder…)
When I deployed to Github there was just content on the netlify site… no theme.
I got the theme to work after I copied the content from the theme’s layouts folder to the site layout folder…
This doesn’t feel as best practice. Shouldn’t the site read the theme from the theme folder?
I used the config.toml file from the theme. It has ‘theme = “parsa-hugo”’.

Best practice is to set up submodules as mentioned in hugo’s docs:

Note that you’ll want to use the theme’s https:// version in your submodule specification:

(rather than version).

Thank you I’ll look into that and update my repo.