Shopify + Netlify = Fast Loading Is Possible?

Hi all,
I want to know if it possible to use Netlify to speed up my Shopify site(had enough from stup… shoify’s speed ) So the “engine” of my site will get stronger like a “powerlifter”.
I will say im not a DEV but can hire one for doing some small tasks if needed to make it work
and i know there are some API soft out-there so…

One more thing is i don’t want to damage some designs nor functions like animation designs etc(Which i will want to add for sure in the future)

Anyway, answers will be appreciated,


Hi @yovel

I see you posted a similar question Shopify , Checkout , Speed and things between several months ago. You’ve made no progress since?
There are numerous post on this forum as well as a series on the Netlify blog #shopify that might help.

I wouldn’t say setting this up (properly) is asmall task by any stretch of the imagination. There are lots of small tasks.

Since then im in break and want to return to ecommerce field by the next months so…(budget issue)
if you can guess as a DEV(if you are ) how much time do you think it could take for an average DEV to make this “thing” happen?

Hi there @yovel, I am going to move this topic to #opentalk since it does not require any support from an engineer.

Hope you manage to get a plan set for this :grinning:

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Sure, thanks!
That being said, answers will be appreciated ,even if you don’t have a solution it will help the subject get awareness which …

5 days and no one is having some answers?

Hi there, @yovel :wave:

As @kylesloper mentioned, since this does not require support from an engineer this will remain in our #opentalk category.

We cannot speak on whether or not other Forums members looking to be hired for small tasks at this time. That being said, this thread will remain open for now so that if someone finds it and wants to chime in, they are able to.

Thanks for understanding!

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Hi. I think that the site can work quickly, but you need to activate everything as much as possible (use caching, small pictures, reduce animation, etc.).