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Setting up subdomain in a manual deployment with netlify dns

I have a manual deployment (it’s an edited webflow project) using netlify dns for my main example.com. I have another project (gatsby blog) that I’d like to have as a subdomain at blog.example.com. It is deployed from git.
Is there a way to do this? I tried setting up a cname in the main manual project (example.com) but that doesn’t work and I can’t create a branch as the main project is deployed manually.

Thank you

Hi there! We’ve created this DNS Quickstart guide for this very purpose - to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Please take a look - we have many resources listed at the bottom, too. And, there are tons of DNS questions you can access through our search! If your problem still persists after reading through all relevant guides, please post again and we will troubleshoot with you.