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Setting up SSL Cert. in ec2 instance, I dont have the SSL but I have pointed the sub domain. Need to host Https api, thats all the fuss about

If some tech. support can guide about the issue, that would be pretty helpful. Thank you in advance.

Hi @armaghan4455

Not sure exactly what you are wanting.

Are you pointing a sub-domain of a site you are hosting on Netlify to an ec2 instance that you want SSL for?

What is the domain?

Yes sir,

my domain is aopleaderboards.io
So I have api hosted at ec2 instance, as my web app is https, it wont get data from http endpoint, so for that I had to point a sub domain to my ec2 public ip address, which I did. Now, I need to shift my api to https to work with https domain. For that I need ssl certificate to host the https server in nodejs. Please correct me if I am wrong or not able to deliver my point.

Appears you posted this elsewhere on the forums and received an answer

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