Setting up github repository (react native)

I’m new to netlify, I’m trying to deploy a mobile app project in react native. This is my github repository: CS571/HW9 at main · sle2001/CS571 · GitHub. This is my netlify site name: I made my base directory HW9/ and public directory HW9/src/components.

@sle2001 Your build configuration is wrong, revisit the documentation here:

When you’ve said Public directory, I have guessed that you actually mean Publish directory.

The Publish directory is described with:

Publish directory: directory that contains the deploy-ready HTML files and assets generated by the build. The directory is relative to the base directory, which is root by default (/ ). Visit the frameworks doc to learn about typical publish directories for popular tools.

Since you’ve set it to HW9/src/components the files in that directory are what have been deployed.

This is why these files can be accessed:

To fix you would configure your project to execute the correct build and deploy the correct files.

The commands available in the package.json may not be compatible with hosting on Netlify:


If they start a server, it will not work, it’ll run during your build, be unable to be accessed and then eventually terminate when the build reaches the maximum allowed duration for your account.