Setting up a subdomain to point to a route in my existing site?

Hey friends!

Hope y’all are doing well! I’m struggling with some domains + subdomains + redirects. For context, my team’s website used to have a blog hosted separately, and I moved it to Netlify. The blog used to be on, and we moved it so that it would be at, but we want the links to to still work.

Right now, for, I have the following in my _redirects:*                301!*                301!*            301!*            301!


I had set as a CNAME record in Netlify DNS, but that didn’t seem to work and didn’t resolve to anything. How should I set that end of things up for that subdomain to exist properly?


Hi @cassidoo1 ,

We were able to fix this for you by adding the domain alias to the site and backfilling the DNS record. The redirect should work now. Let us know if that’s not the case!

Thank you SO much Audrey!! I really appreciate your quick help!!

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Hi @cassidoo1 :wave:t6: thanks for coming back and your appreciation. I’m glad our team could help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: