Set up A name record in Go Daddy to point subdomain to netlify site

I have been informed by Go Daddy to point an A name for to an IP to avoid CNAME redirects (which is how its configured at the moment) What IP do I point to from a A Name record in Go Daddy.

If there any other ways of configuring a record in Go Daddy to point to the deployment, but not do a redirect.

EDIT: I figured out how to configure the subdomain. You need to ‘add custom domain’ as ‘’ in Nelify with an A name is Go Daddy pointing to the load balancers IP Not sure why I did not do this before!

I also verified the domain to provision an SSL cert. That happen successfully as well.

However, I get this error when I attempt to actually provision a lets encrypt cert.

You’d want to use a CNAME record for subdomains, as described here:

That will enable the CDN to work better.

I think the problem was time - DNS changes take time to propagate, though it’s hard to be sure since you use a fake hostname here. In the future please use real hostnames so we can give you the best possible help!