Set `publish_mode = "editorial_workflow"` in config.toml file but not seeing it in the admin app

I’ve enabled the publish_mode = "editorial_workflow" in my config.toml file but I don’t see post previews or the workflow tab in the netlifycms admin page. Is this a known issue?Just set it up today using the netlifycms marketing workflow, so everything should be as up-to-date as that.

Edit: solved this one thanks to a user on Slack:

You have to edit the <git-repo>/admin/config.yml site config, not the global site config (<git-repo>/config.toml.

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Thanks @abraithwaite for following up with the solution!

Did this break recently? I have tried with both /admin/config.yml and /admin/config.toml and both aren’t showing any sort of change in the admin UI.

Hi @Belstine, our demo site uses editorial workflow:

See config: