SEO configuration for two custom domain aliases

Hey Team,

I have my website set up on I had mapped it to the custom domain: However, I want to change it to: Since there is no 301 redirect possible in Netlify, I have done this: Created a domain alias for and marked as my primary domain.

However, since both freelance-report and freelancer-guide are live, I am worried that this might still count as duplicate content, which would affect our SEO rankings. Can you please advice if there are redirects in place which would solve for this problem? According to this article there was something underway: Improved SEO with canonical link headers.

Thanks a lot and looking forward to your reply!

hi Karthiks,

before we dig in, i want to ask about 301 redirects - they are definitely possible, in fact, that is the default status code for a redirect listed in our docs: