Sending outging webhook via

I want to automate the process of sending webmentions from my site whenever a new post is published. Currently, I have a one line script that does this through Bridgy, which posts a tweet to my Twitter account.

@rem’s service has integration with Netlify through the outgoing webhooks feature.

Does this feature work on Basic accounts so that I can add my webmention URL as a hook and it will activate when the deploy succeeds?

Hey @chrisfinazzo,

Last I checked, outgoing webhooks are available to all – it’s Slack and Email notifications which form part of our Pro offer.


Hope this helps!

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Good to know this is something that can be done, even on the free tier. However, in talking with Remy - who runs the service - hooks configured like this don’t seem to be working as expected.

My hook looks like the following and for this to work Netlify needs to send a POST request in order for Bridgy to get what it needs on the other end.

Did I miss something here?

For comparison, my one line script is of the form:

curl -i -d "source="

So, the problem isn’t so much that Netlify isn’t triggering a build – but rather, webmention isn’t able to read the RSS?

Unfortunately, I don’t know an awful lot about webmention. What I do know is that removing the &limit=1 parameter from the URL returns OK and it works just fine on too.

Yep. Builds are fine, it’s the other end of this that’s acting strange. The parameter is there because of rate-limiting concerns.

Including a token in your requests allows you to avoid rate limits on requests. The anonymous requests are currently limited to once per 4 hours per unique URL.

Hey Chris,

Usage of our webhooks is well documented. We can prove that the webhook is working as expected (see so, at this point, I would be looking to the operator of that service to investigate :+1: