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Self-service custom domain migration between Netlify accounts


Currently when your domain is associated with a Netlify account and you want to migrate it to another Netlify account you must have access to the original Netlify account, otherwise you need to contact support to get it removed from the original account.

Using the ticket system for such a migration request, (like we’re experiencing now), takes 48 * n hours on a Pro or Business account. Thus far it has been 42 hours for the initial response (only confirming verification instructions), and 26 hours (and still counting) without any action taken yet.

Even when it is actioned, since it may occur at any time (even while we’re sleeping), it runs the risk of effectively “taking the sites down” until such time as we reclaim the domains in the new account.

This issue will become more prevalent the longer Netlify exists, especially as people forget accounts or sites move between developers/agencies/freelancers in situations which may be hostile.

A quick search already reveals many examples, (but I can only post 6 links), so here’s the first few I spotted:

In all situations that require support the first step is always verifying you own the domain:


Since Netlify’s support is so slow at resolving this kind of task, it should be added as a self-service feature along the lines of:

  • Press a button to initiate a transfer, which displays a TXT record & value to add to your DNS
  • (You go and add those to your DNS, then come back to Netlify)
  • Press a “verify & transfer” button
  • Netlify automatically confirms you have added the appropriate TXT record and value
  • Netlify automatically removes the custom domain from the old account and adds it to the new one

E.g. Precisely the same steps the support staff are doing manually, but automated so it can be instant.

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Hi @nathanmartin,

While we appreciate the feedback, calling us slow doesn’t set a good tone. We are trying our best and on our best days, we even reply to people within a few minutes.

The support team has been overloaded the past few days so sorry to see this taking so long for you. I’ll take a look at it right away and get it sorted.

UPDATE: I’m checking, but I’m not seeing your request in the helpdesk. Could you share the ticket number?

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@hrishikesh I’m not calling you personally slow and I understand that the support staff may be working hard, but as a paying customer waiting 42 hours for an initial response, and then another 39 hours (so far) with no resolution, is objectively slow. It’s poor customer service whether it is intentional or not.

Netlify’s sales staff recently informed me that any plan less than a $2,000 per month enterprise plan is considered “self service”, which is why I’m suggesting that this particular issue (and others like it) be made self serviceable so they do not rely on human support intervention at all.

Our ticket number is 71463, however there’s no rush actioning it as we moved the sites to Vercel in the interim and while we lodged the ticket several days ago it is now 11.43pm at night here on a Friday night.

No problem, all those domains have been removed.

Thanks for your assistance @hrishikesh, I’ve now claimed those custom domains.

Ultimately the self-service model is fine as long as it’s actually possible to self-service, so I hope my feature suggestion is taken into consideration.

Hey there, @nathanmartin :wave:

Thanks again for sharing this feedback. I want to confirm that we have opened a feature request and shared this with the appropriate teams at Netlify.


Just adding a follow up note that any system implemented for this should also account for the release/claiming of subdomains, as we encountered a subsequent issue here:

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