Self hosting google Web stories

Hi all, I am Neil and this is my site - mystifying-elion-c3ded0

I am loving Netlify hosting but am having trouble with hosting google web stories.

By way of experimentation I have created this web story to accompany and article -

When i test hosted the web story on ordinary hosting it works fine and passes the AMP test. When I try to host it on Netlify if fails every AMP test possible.

Could this be because web stories make use of an “ASSETS” folder and bookend.json files.

I build on my desktop with PUBLII and deploy via the API.

Is anyone successfully self hosting web stories?

Can anyone explain me about this link:

@neil0armitage Welcome to the Netlify community.

My guess is that it has something to do with the fact that you have loading errors for some of your assets:

[Error] Fetch API cannot load due to access control checks.

Am I right in thinking this has something to do with how Netlify handles folders? In this case the assets folder?

Hi there,
I’m not familiar with Publii or Google Web Stories- can you show us what your site directory looks like before you publish it? Something like this:


I ask because when I checked your most recent deploy for what files were included, I did not see a page with the path /whats-wrong-with-my-chickens-feet.html, which is why it was not included in the build and therefore results in a 404 when you try to visit.

And when you say that you deploy via the API, do you use Drag and Drop? Or something else? Thanks!