<select multiple> not working with Netlify forms

Looking for some advice on this. I’m currently unable to get a <select> working when the multiple attribute is applied:

<label for="multiple">Multiple options</label>
<select id="multiple" name="multiple" multiple>
	<option value="" disabled="" selected="">Select a multiple...</option>
	<option value="Multiple1">Multiple1</option>
	<option value="Multiple2">Multiple2</option>
	<option value="Multiple3">Multiple3</option>
	<option value="Multiple4">Multiple4</option>
	<option value="Multiple5">Multiple5</option>

So in the case where I’ve selected Multiple1 and Multiple2:


Only the last selection, in this case ‘Multiple2’, is submitted and appears in the Forms section:


Any advice?

Got this working!! name="multiple[]" passes this as an array. So simple :roll_eyes:

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