Seeking Assistance: Integrating Netlify CMS into Existing Site

Hi Netlify Community,

I’m relatively new to static site generators, and I recently discovered the benefits of Netlify CMS. I initially created a static HTML site where I manually managed posts in HTML format. I tried it and Netlify created a new repo and a new URL for the CMS. But my interest is to integrate the CMS in my existing site. After learning about Netlify CMS, I decided to integrate it into my existing project to streamline content management.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Installed a new Hugo site with the command: hugo new site cms-ml. This created a new folder called “cms-ml” within my existing HTML project.

  2. Added a new theme with: hugo new theme cms-malayalam.

  3. Seeking guidance from the ChatGPT, I was advised to create a folder named “admin” within the “static” directory and place a “config.yml” file inside it.

  4. I built the site using the hugo command.

  5. Pushed the changes to my Git repository.

  6. Checked the deploy status on Netlify, and the site was successfully published.

  7. Enabled Netlify Identity for authentication.

  8. Despite trying different URLs suggested by the ChatGPT, I encountered issues accessing Netlify CMS on the deployed site. (,, )

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or insights from the community on how to successfully integrate Netlify CMS into my existing Hugo project. If there are specific logs or details needed, please let me know.

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards,

Netlify CMS no longer exists. It is now Decap CMS @MichaelGC

See here

I read about it, but somehow, I only tried and tested the standalone CMS from the Netlify CMS site from here:

As noted by the v1 in the URL, this is old. Judging by the dates on the v1 branch here at least 5 years old.

Use the current resources here

@dig My question isn’t about versions or dates. I’m trying to integrate the CMS into my existing static HTML site, not as a new CMS, which I could easily do. Of course, the link I provided redirects to the page you mentioned. So, at least on one thing, we’re on the same page; the rest are galaxies apart.

@MichaelGC The main point being made is that you won’t be able to get support for “Netlify CMS”, since it basically no longer exists.

Sure you’ve found a page for it, and are able to install it and work with it, (just as you can many things that are old/deprecated), but it’s now effectively unsupported.

You can continue to work with it if it continues to work for you, but there’s no assistance for it here anymore.

If you did want assistance, then it’s via Decap as has already been raised.

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@nathanmartin That sounds a bit rude. I came here under the assumption that this is a community support center, and somebody who is willing to help will bring some fresh air. I never assumed this platform is a professional support center where calls are treated as top of the line by saying, ‘Hey, get out of here, you are not a paid customer, and that is not our product.’ I assumed this is a place where thousands of developers come and help beginners to learn stuff, regardless of whether Netlify owns it or not. It still works on the Netlify platform. I assume that makes a little sense to ask a question on the community support.

@MichaelGC I can see how it sounds rude, but I don’t mean it to, I was just trying to clarify as it seemed you believed @dig’s recommendation was incorrect.

The aim is to get you faster support, which you are likely to get from Decap as a community of people using the equivalent product, who are likely familiar with Netlify CMS too.

You’re quite welcome to wait for an answer here, it’s entirely possible one will come, but the community isn’t as active as you’ve assumed and there definitely aren’t “thousands of developers who come to help beginners learn stuff”.

I am almost certainly the most active non-Netlify affiliated “community member” that’s active currently, and there are only a few other active “community members” that answer questions regularly.

Usually questions are answered by Netlify support staff, and they would also refer you to Decap in this instance.

Overall your question definitely isn’t “out of place”, it’s just that the correct answer for getting you the fastest support is for you to reach out to the Decap community.


To give you some perspective on the lack of community activity, this is a screenshot of the most active people posting replies this week:

You’ve been assisted by myself and @dig as best we’ve been able to.

The two other non-Netlify users shown in the screenshot weren’t helping others, they were seeking assistance.

There are thousands of users, and frequently many active users, they’re just all looking for answers to their own problems or asking for help, they’re rarely if ever providing any help, since to be honest it’s just “working for free”.


Hey, @nathanmartin No worries! Now, it makes some sense for me to find alternative sources. Decap community support is another sad story!

Thanks, Nathan!

@MichaelGC It’s no problem.

Decap CMS is always recommended as Netlify’s announced successor of Netlify CMS.

When Netlify CMS languished for a time it spawned this other breakaway:

I also recently encountered this Svelte based alternative:

Perhaps one of them would suit your needs better, or has a more active community/creators.

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Is there any way to remove this post from here as I am getting a little embarrassed?

@MichaelGC The Netlify team should be able to wipe much of it.

There is some quite useful information in the thread though for others, in particular the final recommendations, so I’d personally prefer if those weren’t wiped.

Hopefully you were able to get a CMS going with your project!