Seconday/backup IPs for Netlify Load Balancer

Today, all our sites which uses IPv4 on DNS (A Record) went down (or unreachable) for around 30 minutes and based on your status, you have identified issue on your load balance ( Do you have backup or secondary IP address we can add just in case it happens again the secondary can handle it? Rather keeps us waiting to be solved.

Status: Netlify Status - Load Balancer timeouts

Hi @itsmechlark,

Wish we had some other IP’s! We would advertise them heavily. Our setup does not permit them, so if you need that A record, you will be affected by outages like this. They are pretty rare though, so it is unlikely you’ll experience that again.


For any Forums members who encounter this thread, as of March 25, 2021 we have changed our load balancer to . Should you be following this post for guidance, please use this moving forward. We want to make sure you have the most up to date information! Please see our Docs, this Support Guide, and our Status Page from March 25th for details.