Searching content of netlify blobs

I’d like to be able to do keyword searches of my blob content, since I’m using these blobs to save and then serve some user generated content (fetched into pages based on url parameters)

I’m aware that I can filter blob keys by a prefix, but is there any easy way to search the content of the blobs? Or are there any plans to allow this?

I’m assuming that the answer’s going to be no, but I thought I’d check first!

Which means I’ll probably either:

a) send the content to another service to be indexed and retrieved,
b) Crawl the output of my web pages and index that (maybe using google programmable search engine or similar).

Any other suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

You’re right, no such feature exists currently and no plans as such either. I’d advise creating a file with the related metadata and store that as your index and then use that index to search across all other blobs.

That’s just one way of getting this done within blobs itself, and I’m sure there could exist more ways to get creative about this.

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