Scheduled Functions and Golang

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Hey y’all. I am trying to get Scheduled Functions working on my account. I am not wanting to introduce JS-based functions into my account, but I have written the rest of the backend in Golang.

I did follow the article that said, in order to use a language other than java/type script, to embed the schedule in the .toml file which I did:

scheduled = “@hourly

I don’t see the schedule badge, or the admin UI to enable/disable, and the logs are empty. I am skeptical that my function is running scheduled.


Hiya @shrinerp :wave:t6: , Thanks for reaching out about this. Could you please share your function name with us? Additionally, can you share your project repo? This will help us look into the situation further.

The repo isn’t public The function name is “Notifications”

Is there a way that we can work on this together without making it public?

OK, I am dumb, I misspelled the variable name in the TOML file.

schedule = “@hourly

Sorry for wasting everyone’s time.

No worries! Thanks for sharing your solution with the community. (regardless of how silly it may be). :slightly_smiling_face: