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Scaling issues on deployed website

Hey I’m new to the world of web dev, this is the first website I’ve made, but I’m facing some scaling issues only on the desktop version. The mobile version looks to work as intended. For some reason everything shrinks down after I deploy the website. I tried troubleshooting yet couldn’t come up with a fix that works. I tried attach some images for better visual understanding but got an error saying a ‘new user can’t attach media’. Can someone please go to https://coreradio.in/ (my website) and try toggle between the device emulation and check the issue for themselves that would be really appreciated.


Hey.I checked your website, but sadly I can’t seem to figure out where is the scaling issue you’re talking about. Since you can’t attach media, could you upload the images to some cloud storage and send a link?

Also, not sure if this is the problem, but the browser’s console says that there are some files missing on the server: app.js and test.js are the ones returning a 404. Maybe those files contain the logic that handle the scaling that you’re talking about?

OK, firstly let me apologize “I’m really really sorry” your right there is no real issue in the code, I was so narrowed down that there was an error that I was making in the code or while deploying since this is my first time that I completely skimmed over checking my browser settings and jumped the gun. There is no excuse to this behavior, again I’m really sorry, ill make sure to think about all the possibilities first myself before getting a thirst person involved. and I really appreciate for you taking your time to look into this. hope you have a great day.

To err is to human. It’s no big deal, we all started somewhere. Good luck.

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