shows not secure on chrome on apple products

my website shows up as not secure on chrome on apple devices, but works fine on chrome on pc, or android devices.

hi there, are you still seeing this? I do believe it needed a little more time, but is secure now (tested on chrome/mac)

I’ll ask my apple users. I am not sure what you mean by needed a little more time.
thanks for getting back to me.

hi there, there is a little more information here:

We checked it on Chrome on an IPAD and now it seems to work. I would like to understand if there is likely to be this time lag every time I make an update to the website?

hi @peregrin53 , good to hear its working now.

the “lag time” you mentioned is explained in the article i mentioned above - usually this is due to dns propagation. As long as the dns records are not being changed, there should be no need to repropagate - so, if you are just publishing updates to your site, you should not have a delay (once the build and deploy process is complete). let us know if you have any additional questions!