Saving i18n (beta) locale to markdown files?

Hi. I’m thinking about trying out the multi language solution found at but ran in to an issue where the locale is not being stored in the posts files.

Is there any way this can be achieved? A simple line like locale: en would do. (And also cloning the slug as uid, but that might be a completely different beast to solve…)

What I’m looking for, I guess, is some kind of variable (:locale, {{i18n.language}} or what have you) that can be saved along with everything else. And not cloned between languages – must be unique per translation.

hey @naton,

have you considered filing an issue or even a PR for this on

that is probably the fastest way this functionality might get added! :smiley:

Hi, yes, I guess I ought to do that. Since posting this however I’ve learned more about defaults in Jekyll so I managed to accomplish what I needed for now. (For those interested, IIRC it was a matter of setting scope to path containing en/** etc, and then applying the corresponding lang value)

Oh, and I never got the no-plug-in approach to work so I used jekyll-polyglot to great success :slight_smile: