Save image added via url to own repository


I’d like to fetch and persist the image that user references by URL when using image widget or image field.

When a user is selecting an image via “Replace with URL”, the resulting URL currently is inserted into the field as is.

I would like to have an option or a way to fetch this image and add it to the own media library instead.

Is there perhaps an API for MediaLibrary to add images? That way either adding an event listener for preserve would allow using the referenced absolute URL to fetch and save the image to MediaLibrary and then use the local path, or creating a widget to do the fetching directly in the editor.

Do you have ideas how this could be possible today?

Hi @gryzzly ,

Welcome to the Netlify support forums! I’m so glad you found us. Netlify is no longer managing the CMS. I recommend you contact Decap CMS: