Sanity, Gatsby Cloud, CORS

I am trying to hook up the Gatsby Cloud “Content Hub” with my Sanity CMS. I get to the point where I’m asked to authorize with Sanity, and Sanity objects that Gatsby Cloud is not whitelisted in the CORS setting.

What is the correct domain to add to the CORS whitelist? I’ve tried these with no luck:

(that last one is the server that Gatsby Cloud is spinning up)

Thanks to anyone who can shine some light.

Hey @Eric_J,

I don’t know the answer to that, but I’ve shared this internally to get some info.

Hey Eric,

Thanks for writing in! Content Hub for Sanity CMS unfortunately isn’t currently supported. Apologies for any inconvenience there!

I’ve linked some docs below for getting Sanity set up with Gatsby Cloud.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the update.

If Sanity isn’t supported, someone ought to comment it out of the UI.

Hey Eric,

Thanks for following up, and apologies for any confusion! The data sources listed below the Content Hub tab, like Sanity, can be integrated via the normal integration/Quick Connect flows. Any data source that can also be used with Content Hub will also display a Content Hub ready badge:

Thanks again!