Same issues as May 4th load balancer incident ocurring in Florida (daytona beach)

The DNS / Load Balancer issue that netlify reported on May 4th (Netlify Status - Investigating reports of trouble with our Standard Edge Network) is happening to a client of ours. One of our staff members also was able to reproduce the issue and on both occasions the browser did not permit the users from entering our site as the SSL certificate was invalid.

On both occasions the incident ocurred in Florida (miami and daytona beach)

Hi, @Gigi. In order to troubleshoot this, the additional information is required. The following details are what we need:

  • the full URL requested
  • the IP address that made the HTTP request
  • the IP address that responded
  • the date, time, and timezone of the request

If you would please share those details with us, we can research the issue to find out what the root cause was.

  • URL:
  • IP address that made the HTTP req: 2601:586:4a01:2330:34a7:56e3:62b3:b55f
  • IP address that responded: not sure what this means
  • the date, time, and timezone of the request: Friday May 6th between 3-5pm Eastern

About this:

  • IP address that responded: not sure what this means

HTTP connections use TCP/IP. The most common form for TCP/IP communications are two IP addresses exchanging information back and forth.

When you make an HTTP request, your computer make a TCP/IP connection to the web server and the web server replies using that connect. The communication is between the two IP addresses being used by the web browser and the web server.

So “the IP address that made the HTTP request” is the computer’s IP address running the browser and “the IP address that responded” is the server’s IP address. You can see this information in many ways, the most common being the browsers dev tools.

For example, here is a screenshot showing how I find the IP address for the web server that sent me this webpage (this topic on

I did check the URL and IP address you shared with us. We only had a single HTTP request for that URL ( during that time window but it was from a different IP address. We responded with a 200 response at that time.

It is also interesting to note that I see zero traffic for that IP address (2601:586:4a01:2330:34a7:56e3:62b3:b55f) during that time window. No HTTP requests at all. No traffic for that URL. No traffic for any other URL. I don’t show that IP address ever trying to contact Netlify at all during that whole time window.

Based on this, it appears that this request was never sent to Netlify due to some local networking issue. Why wasn’t it sent to Netlify, that I cannot answer without more information, information that only you can give to me. I have no way to get that information on my own. I have no access to your networks to troubleshoot them.

To summarize, without more details (like the server IP address, and the precise date & time) this appears to be a local networking issue and not related to Netlify.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.