Same commit deployment is now broken


It looks like there’s something wrong with the build & deployment system. I have a commit that was deployed April 5th that is working as expected. Yesterday and today everything I deploy is broken.

Multiple pages take 10-20 seconds to redirect to and when I get there there’s no content.
There’s also a new console.error complaining about redeclaring a constant.

When I tried to re build and deploy the same working commit from April 5th, it’s also broken.

buildID of the original one that works April 5th: 624ca8971ca49e00088ea4ab
buildID of the same commit today April 7th that is broken (deployed with purged cache): 624eeba6089a7500b5eee57b

May or may not be related to

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Does your “site is live” message in build log also appear too early?

No, it’s the second to last line like normal.

Turns out this came from one of my dependencies suddenly being MIA, which meant that all new builds would come out broken.

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Thanks for coming back and sharing your solution, @p.aarseth. Glad everything is working now! If you have further questions / if this comes up again, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Happy building :rocket: