Safari Can't Find the Server Error with my website deployed using Netlify

Hello, I am pretty new to website building in general. I dragged my folder to Netlify and when I click on the link Netlify generated for my website, it says, “Safari Can’t Find the Server.”
site name:
there is no custom domain.
There is an index.html file in my folder. I’ve also tried creating a netlify.toml and added the code:

from = “/*”
to = “/index.html”
status = 200

It still doesn’t work.

Hey @ladyneneii

I have no issue loading in Safari (or other browsers)

If you are in the Philippines @ladyneneii, there is a known issue as outlined in the following thread

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Thank you for sharing that thread! I am from the Philippines, and I cannot access the website using PLDT on my laptop and phone, but I can access it using Globe. If you’re a Filipino having the same problem as me, the only solution is to contact PLDT :slight_smile: