Run Netlify Builds from a Fitbit

Hey everyone, I am not sure this is the correct place to post this so feel free to yell at me if it is not haha.

Anyway, I randomly made a Fitbit app with Fitbit’s sdk 5.0 that runs on Fitbit versa 3’s and Fitbit Sense’s

I have put it on Github as an open repo with instructions on how to get it on your Fitbit, basically it allows you to do certain things on your Netlify account from your fitbit like running site builds and publishing deploys. I found this useful since i have some non programmers adding content to my sites from Netlify CMS and they ask me to run builds when they are done, and i am not always at a computer. Anyway, i know this is super niche and there’s a good chance not a single person who sees this will think this is interesting, but I thought i’d throw it out there for fun.

Anyway, hope someone finds this cool and uses it :slight_smile:, here is the repo link:

Apologies if there is a better place for me to post this


This seems interesting. While I don’t own a Fitbit myself, I do think this might be a good thing to have. Congratulations on the successful build and thank you for sharing.

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Nice one @Munson1970. Makes me wish I still had a Fitbit to try it out.

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