Root site loads slow but adding index.html works fine

Netlify instance name:

I am using a custom domain for the netlify site. Everything works fine (and very fast) if I go to the or However, if I go to just, the page takes 6-7 seconds for the page to load? This is the only custom domain that I am having this problem with. The others load just fine without having to add index.html to the end.

What setting am I missing here?

I tested loading of all links in Chrome and they all load fast for me. I don’t see any delay between the url versions.

Edit: I’m in the US

Hey @randelldawson,

Going off of what’s been observed before I would suggest that you check your A records are accurate and complete. TestMySite has a couple of sanity checks which may be of interest, too. Hope this helps!

EDIT: I’m in the UK and I am observing the 6 second load time.


I used Netlify’s site tester as @Pie pointed out, and you scored a 91/100 for me. They do state in the results that you should use a CNAME record rather than an A record in your DNS.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the responses. Here is the weird part. Today, all three links I mentioned in my original post work fine. I do see the 91/100 score on the tester. I changed nothing, so I am not really sure why this happened or if it is still happening for others (like @Pie also observed).

FYI - The following are my DNS settings. I am not using Netlfy’s. I have both A and CNAME records.

I have the following for settings on Netlify and I am not using a _redirects file

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @randelldawson, please see this thread - we think these issues are related:

Hi everyone, we have some great news :tada:

We have tested & rolled out a fix for these issues.

More information here:

Please feel free to discuss on that thread, I will close this one (and others) so to contain the conversation a bit more. Thank you all for your patience :pray: