Root redirect only works on hard refresh, while others work fine

When clicking on this link from Slack for example it will not redirect properly, however a hard refresh(cmd + shift + r on OSX) will then redirect properly.

  from = "/"
  to = "/ms/020220/"
  status = 301
  force = true

I think it might be due to the site being in the root, and creating the page being redirected to with createPage. But not quite sure and not sure how to force this to work as intended.

  path: '/ms/020220/',
  context: {title: 'Supplemental Medicare'}

However clicking on this link from somewhere works as intended:, with the following redirect:

  from = "/ms"
  to = "/ms/020220/"
  status = 301

Hey! Are you still exhibiting this issue? The first link works for me, from here in Community!

When I click the first link from here, it goes to not the intended

Both links work for me. Can you explain how they’re not working?

I ended up rewriting how the site works, and moving some things around so I think it is working as intended now. I move the primary index to /ms/ and wrote 1 redirect to that from β€˜/’ . Seems to be working properly now.

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