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Root certificate expired on macosX

I have a website (https://office.sopress.net, named the-office-sopress in Netlify) that doesn’t work anymore because the root certificate has expired on MacOsX 10.11.6. I know it is related to letsencrypt root certificate expiration, as stated here, but I don’t see how to correct this for my specific case. I renewed the certificate in netlify and it changed nothing

Can I do something on the server side so that all the clients can access the site again ?

Thank you very much

Yes, it’s not supposed to change anything. It will just fetch a new certificate from Lets Encrypt but since Lets Encrypt doesn’t support old certificates anymore, you’re out of luck.

You need to use a custom SSL certificate.

Ah. OK. Thanks, I will look into that?
If I delete this website in netlify and create a new one with the same domain, will the ssl certificate will also be invalid ?

As long as you use the Lets Encrypt certificate, yes.