Rewrites rules not working in branch


I have deployed a branch with some new redirects added to the netlify.toml file.
In the preview, the redirections (rewrites actually) are not applied.
I’ve tested the redirection locally with netlify dev and it worked and in the deploy summary of my branch, i see that the count of redirect rules is right.
The redirect rules looks like this:

from = "/whatever/something/*"
to = "/whatever/:splat?q1=something&q2=somethingelse"
status = 200

Am i missing something?
Thanks in advance.

Hey @stephanie-w,

First place to look would be the ‘making redirects work for you’ support guide!

Let me know if this helps (or not) and we can take it from there.

Hello Pieparker,

Thanks for you answer.
Not a redirection issue after all. More a deployment issue.
Sorry for this.


Hey, thanks for feeding back – much appreciated! Glad that you got the matter resolved.