Revisiting site using mobile browser and showing 404 error

Hi Netlify Team!
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This is my website:

I have this issue whenever I revisit my site using mobile browser, It gives me a 404 error. And even if I check the url, its showing corrrectly. And when I refresh the page its still giving me a 404 error page of netlify. My site is linked on my git repository, and automatically builds when theres updates on my git repo. And is running on Vite-React.

I will try to open up the site using my mobile browser(safari) and its perfectly working fine. I will close my mobile
browser(safari). Later on when I try to revisit my site using again mobile browser(safari), its giving me a 404 netlify error page.

Thank you for the help in advance.

Hi @KennDev , thanks for the post and welcome.
I just visited your site on both desktop and on my mobile phone. Refreshing also works without a 404.
It works perfectly at my end.

If the problem still persists, kindly try with a different mobile phone or restart your mobile and then try again.

Let me know the outcome.

Hi @clarnx !
Appreciate from your quick response! I love how this community forums are so responsive! Amazing!

Yes, I did already restarting the phone and it works back to normal. But what I really wanted to know, What triggers it to happen and how can I fix it on my end. Because, I dont want my viewers to experience the same way as I do that they have to restart their phone whenever they revisit my site like hours later or days later after they close their mobile browser. Is this something has to do with cookies? cause Im not sure either, this website is only an information site, and Im not sure if it does requires cookie set up or something.
Thank you for helping me on this.

Hi @KennDev , thanks for the feedback.

Old websites may continue to cache on Netlify even after updates due to several reasons.
The most common are:

  1. CDN Caching: Netlify uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to distribute content globally. If the CDN has cached the old version, it will continue to serve that version until the cache expires.

  2. Browser Cache: Browsers may have their own caching mechanisms independent of the server. If the browser has cached resources, it may continue to use them until they expire.

Your users don’t have to manually do what you did by restarting their phones. Browser or CDN’s caches are usually invalidated automatically.

In order to learn more about how Netlify’s CDN handle cache, kindly check the support guide below.

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Hi @clarnx !
This I understand, that the reason why I got 404 error page even though Im on the correct link is that I revisited my site from previously opened link on my browser and then whenever I have a new build on Netlify, this affects the old link from old build, therefore I have to open a new tab and type the link and it will work.

Thank you for helping me out. This is clear now to me. Appreciate your assistance here! :+1:

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Hi @KennDev , glad to know I was able to help.

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