Review required for continuous deployment via Netlify CMS using git gateway even though repo owner is paid team member

Because of the change implemented today requiring git contributors to be paid members, I have changed my site repository to be one owned by the one and only paid member in my pro account.

I have one paid team member “dev1”
I configured the blockdoxcom site to use a repository owned by dev1’s github account
I configured git gateway to use the same repository and authorized via github token.

When I make an edit to the site in Netlify CMS, a commit is created in the above repo but the deploy requires review with this message:
“You’ve received a deploy request from a Git Contributor without a Netlify team Member account.”

However I think this is incorrect because the Git Contributor is the one and only team member!

Can anyone help?

I fixed this by following the approval process and then linking the github repo owner to a team member.

All working now.

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know! Glad everything is working for you now :slight_smile: