Retain archived website at old hoster, while using Netlify DNS

I used to host my website at on WordPress. It ran on “”
(I purchased the domain also at

I now created a new website, which runs at Netlify and also uses Netlify DNS. (for and for So I configured the DNS servers at to point to dns[1-4]

However, I would also still like to access my old WordPress website at told me to point the A-record at, which I did.

Now, when I try to access, I get a page (served by Netlify) with an error stating “Not Found - Request ID: 01G1Y1QE5Y7VVSZYSTKSRHC90M”.

How come this error page is served by Netlify? And (more importantly), how do I configure the DNS so that it ends up at again?

Hey @koen

Now that you are using Netlify DNS, did you create this record in the DNS section of the Netlify UI e.g.

I sure did…
However now, I notice that the error is no longer there and the website redirects to my current website (hosted by Netlify)…

Have you configured as a custom domain on your site as well?

No, I haven’t. Should I? Should I add it as an alias? is configured as a custom domain on the site

No, you shouldn’t add as a custom domain.

There is certainly an issue with how is configured as it now returns a Not Found - Request ID: 01G20QHVPC2JJVH6Z4PRRZWCWP. Are there any other records for this domain?

Hi, @koen. You have a NETLIFY type DNS record for here:

The NETLIFY type DNS records will override any A or CNAME records for the same name. You must delete that NETLIFY type record before the A record will start working.

If that doesn’t fix it, please let us know.

Hi Luke,

Thank you for your help.

I removed the Netlify DNS entry (only kept the A record). But still ends up at the current website (
It does take a while, so it feels like there is some redirection going on? I have no idea what I’m doing wrong here…

It is working when I test, @koen. This is what I see:

$ dig +noall +answer	3600	IN	A

If it still isn’t workiong for you, please let us know.

Hi Luke, thank you for the support. The issue was a bit silly on my end: the old website had a redirect configured :see_no_evil:

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