Restricting site for identity users only


I’m looking to create a site that is entirely restricted to users who are logged in. I have found the role based redirects, but can’t seem to get it working how it needs to. I need the redirects to:

  • Redirect any unauthenticated user from any route, to /login/ route.
  • Redirect any authenticated user from /login/ to /

Is this possible? I’ve got as far as:

# Always allow access to the login page
/login/ /login/ 200

# If visitor has 'user' with role of editor set, let them in.
/* 200! Role=user

# else redirect back to login
/* /login/ 401!

Many thanks!

I think this should do it:

/* /index.html 200! Role=user

/* /login/ 302!

Taken from: Restrict access to your sites with role based redirects | Netlify

Thanks! This does seem to redirect unauthenticated, but not redirect logged in users back to the homepage :slight_smile:

That’s strange. It’s an official guide from Netlify. Have you set the roles correctly?

I am! The non-authenticated redirect works well

Well, I think a Support Engineer can get this checked for you. I’ve upgraded the thread.

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Thanks! Generally all I’m trying to do it gate an entire site, so a user requires a login to access the site. Once signed in, it returns to the homepage so the user can access.

I can’t find a demo or blog post on anything that does that specifically, which seems the simplest implementation of a gated site :slight_smile:

This does the redirect you’re probably looking for: Add to Your Site | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System

It does, but I’d prefer to do this server side, rather than client side

Hey there, @ryangittings :wave:

I just wanted to check in and see if you were still having questions about this topic. Let us know if you have found a solution, if you used what Hrishikesh suggested, or if you are looking for guidance still.

Thanks :slight_smile: