Restricted access to forms management only


The Netlify forms functionality seems to meet our requirements for new features on the WAI website.

We will have a non team member who would triage the forms using the Netlify console so they will need access to that feature but not anything else in our team account.

Is that possible?


Hey @slim,

No, there is no such user level at the moment. We can add it as a feature request, but we don’t know if/when it would be implemented.

Ah, that’s a shame I was hoping to delegate the form triage process to Netlify forms and save work. :slight_smile:

But we also want a manual accept of form and need private data as a well as public.
Perhapd I can use the email notification for private data, if it includes the fields and use a GItHub PR for public. Im 'just thinking out loud - LOL.

Whatever, I might keep using your form integration for the spam protection. I assume we can just ignore all the entries in the forms section of the netlify panel if we trigger a function to do all the work elsewhere?


Yes, that could be the better way to go forward.