Restrict form submission

Hello, I was just wondering if it is possible to restrict the number of form submissions that come from the same IP address.

No Netlify way of doing this sadly. You’d have to rely on JavaScript APIs to get the IP address, then save it in a database like Firebase Database and then check their form submission count and block or allow accordingly.


That’s a shame. Thanks for the reply

I just want to mention that this would be a useful feature for the future. Would be great to not have to store ip addresses for form submissions. Especially when its for non-critical ops (in my case it would be for public voting - so not interested in signing users up nor collecting PII for this).

How else do you plan on blocking submissions then?

There is no practical other way I guess - I would have to store and process IP addresses in my backend or other DBaaS providers (even google sheets). In my case I will probably use pipedream to build a workflow that receives form submissions from Netlify on a schedule, then selects a unique entry for every ip before committing the aggregate to faunadb.

The point I wanted to make is that this could be a potential future feature/service of Netlify. So that the ip processing logic remains within netlify and I only have to select something like “collect unique submissions” (i.e. the first/last one submitted from each ip). Given that Netlify wanted to go down that road and it wasn’t massively complicated to do. So when I say to “not store/process ip addresses” - I mean not outside netlify.

Oh, that makes more sense. Sorry about the confusion. That’s an interesting feature request. We’ll pass it on to the developers.

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