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Require Netlify Support to release subdomain

We require a subdomain to be released from another account.

The primary domain in question already has a verification TXT record, and has previously been released by Netlify Support and re-claimed by us.

However we failed to request the release of a subdomain within the original request and it appears that they’re handled separately.

We lodged a ticket for this request two days ago, but have not received a response (at just over 48 hours now).

I cannot find a ticket number to provide, which may be because we haven’t heard back. It is ultimately related to the original ticket which was #71463.

This also relates directly to my previous suggestion:

Thanks @hrishikesh for resolving this for us, we have claimed the subdomain successfully.

@fool It’s worth noting that this request was originally made onto the ticket in our paid account, and it sat unresolved (and not responded to) for 62 hours.

Thanks for the note, Nathan. We’re a bit low on staff right now and the response times for our lower account tiers are suffering as a result. I’ve been meaning to adjust the autoresponder to better set expectations to align with current reality, so will get that done tomorrow.

I know that wasn’t the answer you wanted, but it’s the best I can do right now.


Thanks for the response @fool, sorry to hear that you’re understaffed and getting slammed, hopefully it improves for you all soon, especially with that recent Series D funding announcement.

I’m not trying to lay any blame, just trying to show the reality of being a real admittedly “lower account tier” customer, (which I read as “any tier beneath enterprise” - probably the bulk of Netlify’s customers), with real business (but not enterprise) requirements.

I’ve tried to help out on the support forums where I could recently, but you seem to be drowning in support requests that often don’t even concern Netlify. I’m not sure what the solution is, but I hate to think that real hosting support tickets are getting stuck for days behind developers that are struggling to work with whatever starter kit they’ve just installed and don’t understand.