Request to unlink Netlify site and GitHub repository

Hi, @osorvr. The behavior is still the same. That behavior is that there is no way to unlink a repository other than to ask our support team to do so (or to delete and then recreate the site).

If you want us to unlink a repo from site, please let us know the site’s API ID or site subdomain.


@luke Okay sounds good (I ended up recreating the site).

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Hi Perry,

Are you able to help unlink the following three sites.

  • driver-app-dev
  • driver-app-test
  • driver-app-production

I can provide the API ID’s if that makes it easier?


Hi, @angslice. All three site’s above have had their repositories unlinked now.

Either or will do. Both are unique so as long as you identify the site in some way, that is all the information we need to be able to take action.

If there is anything else about this, please reply here anytime. Also, please feel free to make new topics if you don’t see any existing related topics for the question.

Hello, can you help me unlink this site: adoring-murdock-83c3f0

HI there, @Scurse. Thanks for reaching out. We have unlined that site for you.

Additionally, I see you posted in two threads about this! This current thread, as well as Unlink repository. In the future, please keep related topics to one thread. This will help the Support team streamline communication and efforts. Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:

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Can you unlink our site as well? There site is here: RePack: Enabling the reused battery revolution
It’s called repack-cloud, but I’ve removed it from Netlify as I thought that would unlink it from Github.