Request to unlink Github repository adoring-hodgkin-eb1cb6

Hi there,

Please could you unlink the Github repo for “adoring-hodgkin-eb1cb6”?

I’d like to build locally and just drag and drop the build files and this doesn’t seem to be a possibility when the repo is linked. For some reason deployment always fails when automatically building from the github repo but it works if I build locally and upload manually.

Many thanks

Hey @cjcoops,
We’d be happy to help you debug your deploys from github if that is your preferred workflow- taking a quick look at your failed deploys, it looks like maybe there is a difference between the Node version you build with locally and the one we use- I believe we’re using Node 8, what are you using locally?

And of course if you’d like to move forward with just unlinking, we can go that route instead- let us know!

Hi Jen

Yeah please could you just go ahead with unlinking, it’s not a project that gets updated often so I’m happy to manually deploy it.


Sounds good, tis unlinked!

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