Request to Unlink from Git

Site name: rnmatrix

I’m using docusaurus for this site, but docusaurus separates docs and the website folder. Thus, when I push to master but I’ve only edited the docs, it won’t deploy my site because it says the build folder hasn’t changed.

For this reason I’d like to unlink it from git so I can just upload the build folder instead.

I’m not familiar with docusaurus, but are you saying that docusaurus generates files in some other place than the default publish directory? Would changing the default publish directory to the folder used by docusaurus help?

“generates files in some other place than the default publish directory”

sort of?
the root looks like this:


then inside website/ there’s the package.json, it’s a whole React website. but it reads from the docs/ folder at the root to generate HTML from Markdown files.

So currently I set “website” as the base directory, since Netlify says “this is where we look for your package.json”, BUT since I’m editing the docs and not the base directory, it doesn’t deploy since it technically doesn’t find any differences in the project.

oh, and I attempted to unset “website” as the base directory but then it got an error when I tried to make the build script cd website && npm run build

Hey @aelequin,

Although I’d be happy to unlink your repo, it wouldn’t be the most elegant of solutions! You’d lose out on a fair bit of functionality and power. I’ll provide some guidance however, if you’re set on unlinking, please let me know and I can get that done for you.

Ideally, you should set your base to be the root (the path which contains docs/ and website/). Unfortunately, this will require a bit of re-engineering and a good comprehension of what your build is trying to do so that website/ and docs/ are built accurately, using the right paths etc. This is subjectively the ‘right’ way to do it.

Another solution may be to leave the site exactly as it is. You could make use of branch deploys or a separate site at Netlify and have a separate docs/ site which lives at This is definitely doable and a bit easier than above.