Request to unlink a git repo for 2 netlify sites

Hi, seems like the only way to accomplish CI/CD properly with Netlify is to unlink the git repo from the site so you control the deploys instead of the auto deploy feature that locks publishing. Can I request to unlink these two Netlify sites :


Hey @madiodio,

I’m not too sure that I understand your concern. The option to ‘lock publishing’ is managed within the UI:

If you’re looking to build your site and not deploy, you can use Deploy Previews with your PRs to ensure that your site builds before deploying :+1:

If you’re looking to not build at all, you can add [skip ci] or [skip netlify] to your commit message and Netlify will skip the push :smile:

If there’s a use case I’ve missed, can you explain it in more detail for me?

Lastly – if you would still like us to unlink the repo, the email address you have used here on Community doesn’t match the email address used on To ensure that you’re the site owner, can I ask that you update your Community email address to reflect the email address on Otherwise, we can reach out directly to the email address used on

Hi @Pie, No we still want to deploy the sites. The use case is to be able deploy the site manually using the Netlify CLI using a CI workflow that tells when to deploy or not.

From my understanding stoping autopublish will lock the deploy to a certain commit and won’t allow you to deploy manually using the Netlify CLI or the Github action like we’re doing. Feel free to correct me if it’s wrong.

I’ve updated my email address so you can proceed to unlink the git repo.


@Pie, just noticed that the sites have been unlinked. Thanks.

Now I’m seeing those 2 options, which one should I select to accomplish the desired scenario ?

Hey @madiodio,

That’s actually a new Netlify feature! With Git repos linked, you’re now able to ask Netlify to stop building automatically. Though, this setting won’t apply as you’re now manually deploying and unlinked to a repo :+1:

Hey @Pie, thanks for your help and all of these information.

Our build environment variables that we set up on the Netlify UI are being ignored on our manual builds which I assume is the correct behavior. Do you know of any way to be able to pass those variables to our manual builds ? Maybe via the cli ? Should I open another issue ?

It’s fine; it’s a simple one so we can discuss it here for now! :smile: states that:

You can create your own environment variables via the following channels:

  • In the Netlify configuration file. File-based configuration allows you to set different environment variables for different deploy contexts. Variable values set in the configuration file will override values set in the UI.

Hey @Pie,

For context I’m using the The environment variables are still not able to get picked up during the builds. Here is the content of my netlify.toml located at the root of the repo:

  REACT_APP_STAGE = "production"

  REACT_APP_STAGE = "development"

  REACT_APP_STAGE = "development"

Can you help with that ? Thank you again

Hey @madiodio,

The netlify.toml file is pretty autonomous so shouldn’t be hindered by the use of actions.

Do you have a [context.buildtype] with a build command ahead of each of these [context.buildtype.environment] declarations?

Hi @Pie, There is no preceding [context.buildtype] in the netlify.toml. The whole content of the netlify.toml is basically what I posted in my previous message.

I ended up passing the variables directly via the netlify action cli args which is hacky enough to work :sweat_smile:

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Hurrah, it works! Kudos for exploring and getting it going :+1: