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Request to increasing the time limit for functions

Hi! I am making a porfolio application for my resume and I am using the nelify functions for the backend. I need to use headless chrome for it and the time limit of 10 seconds is not enough, can anyone please (pretty please :pleading_face:) bump up the time limit for the function, I am on the free plan (:cry: I am just a student)

site name: hover-harmony

Hi @BibekSaha,

Unfortunately, we need you to be on a minimum of Pro to be able to bump the timeout.

However, I’m not sure why someone would need to run headless Chrome inside Lamda. Even with the max timeout of 26 seconds, I’m unsure of how feasible it could be. Could you elaborate your use case?

I am actually scraping a third party website which uses a frontend framework, so I need to load the page wait for the frontend framework to take over the DOM and then I need to scrape it. So that’s why I decided to use headless chrome for that.

Well, that doesn’t seem like something possible within 26 seconds either. You’d probably need Background Functions but even that’s available for Pro and above.