Request to increase timeout for API processes

Site names (1 for staging, 1 for production):

Hi, we are hosting our Admin Dashboard NextJS build on Netlify and have a feature where the admin can upload documents to the dashboard. However, some document sizes are large and take more than 10 seconds to upload. We are receiving a 502 bad gateway error nondeterministically and suspect it is because of the 10 second timeout limit. Can we please get an increase for both sites to 1 minute (or whatever the current max is)? It would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Out of curiosity, wouldn’t it be better to upload the files directly to the API using the tokens retrieved after logging in? Instead of using Netlify functions?

Hm what do you mean upload files directly to the API? We’re not using Netlify lambda functions. We’re hosting our frontend app on Netlify and our backend on GCP.

hey @kajah , we have bumped you up to a 26 sec build timeout for sites on that team. :slight_smile:

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