Request to increase functions timeout to 26s

I need to increase my netlify functions limit up to 26s because right now I have a timeout after 10s.

  • Our Netlify site name is steady-pony-37dbeb

Thank you!

@mtrules welcome! I’ve increased your function timeout to 26 seconds. You’ll need to redeploy the site to see the changes take effect.

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Perfect, now it works, thank you!

It seems that the limit to 10s is back.
Did you change it only for our branch main or the limit is at 26s also for branch deploys?
Thank you for your help

Hi, @mtrules. Did you redeploy the branch as well? Each branch and deploy preview (we call these “contexts”) has it’s own version of the functions. This means context’s functions need to be redeployed to change the timeout. If there is a new deploy for that branch and the timeout has not changed, please let us know.

hello luke,
we’ve deployed again for our specific branch called “develop” which is a different context.
And we still have the timeout.

But for our production context with the branch ‘main’ we dont have that problem.

So maybe we juste need to increase our function timeout also for our branch ‘develop’ ?

Thank you for your help

Hey there! I just looked into your account, and it looks like we made your whole account have a 26 second limit. Are you still having issues? If so, link us to a deploy where you see the 26 second timeout is still not being applied, and we will look into it further! Thanks!